13 Things You Should Give Up If You Want to Scale Your Business

Often, getting back your momentum means letting go of what’s weighing you down

Photo by Ana Gabriel on Unsplash
  • Mental things (like suppressed emotions)

1. Give Up on Ignoring Past Success

2. Give Up on Figuring Out the “How”

3. Give Up on Working Alone

4. Give Up on Motivating Your Employees With Things That Motivate You

5. Give Up on Having Employees Help You With Your Goals

6. Give Up on Being Reactive

7. Give Up on Feeling Alone

8. Give Up on Suspicion

9. Give Up on Using Money as a Motivator

10. Give Up on Using Others as Tools

11. Give Up on a Fixed-Mindset

12. Give Up on Making Assumptions

13. Give Up on a Defense Budget

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